Schedule of Fees

There is no fee for service of baptism
Marriage Service 413.00
Marriage Certificate 4.00
Banns (Publication) 28.00
Certificate of Banns 13.00
Marriage Preparation Course [please enquire for details] 30.00
Heating – Summer 30.00
Heating – Winter 60.00
Organist 60.00

Funerals (church)
Funeral Service (in church, cemetery or crematorium) 178.00
Verger 30.00
Organist 60.00
Heating – Summer 30.00
Heating – Winter 60.00
Burial in churchyard following service in church 284.00
Burial in churchyard without service in church 310.00
Burial of Cremated Remains in churchyard [not following service] 148.00
Burial in Cemetery [following service] 26.00
Burial certificate 13.00

Funerals (cremation)
Service at Crematorium 178.00
Travel 10.00
Monuments in churchyard (subject to churchyard regulations)
Grave Monument 128.00
Additional inscription on existing monument 25.00
Inscription on Wall Memorial (in churchyard extension) 67.00
(fee excludes Monumental Masons costs)

Wedding (any time after wedding day) 10.00
Full Baptism Certificate 13.00

Please enquire