Safeguarding Children & Young People

Mitford PCC is committed to providing the safest possible environment for the children and young people in its care.

SafeguardingIt has a written Policy on Youth and Junior Church’s Work which is reviewed annually. As well as setting out the aims and practical arrangements for each of the various groups working with children and young people, the policy has detailed provisions for child protection based on the Child Protection Guidelines issued by Newcastle Diocese.

The PCC recognises the need to follow best practice to try to ensure the safety and security of both the children and young people and their leaders and helpers and it is keen to continue to educate all church members about child protection issues and the importance of awareness of such matters.

All new childrens’ and youth workers are required to complete an application and confidential declaration form and obtain enhanced disclosure clearance from the Criminal Records Bureau. References are also taken up. The PCC has appointed a Nominated Person (Carol Butler) following Diocesan Guidelines and children and young people (or indeed adults) are encouraged to speak to her about any matters of concern in the area of child protection and she will then take the appropriate next step.

The PCC also has a Child Protection Policy Administrator who deals with the paperwork, liaises with group leaders and advises the PCC at the time of the annual policy review.